In the spring, Pioneer football is dotted with new faces 2023

The positive news for the Pioneer football team during this week’s spring practice is that the Mustangs have 31 players available, which is an unusually high number for a Class B school.

The Mustangs may need as many players as possible to replace a senior class that went 35-15 over their careers, and three of whom will be playing in college this fall: Caden Humphries (Southern Nazarene), Rowdy Hoy (Northwestern Oklahoma State), and Sean Rich (Oklahoma State).

Gus Overstreet, the head coach of the Mustangs, remarked, “We have a lot of kids playing positions they’ve never played before.” “It will be fascinating to see how they develop… We have many positions to occupy… presently, it’s all about learning.”

Pioneer has focused on conditioning for the first three days, in accordance with the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association’s restrictions on wearing shorts and helmets.

They may wear shoulder cushions within the next few days. They’ve had access to the blocking and tackling sleds.

When Pioneer arrives at team camp at Cherokee on Wednesday, Overstreet will have a clearer assessment of the team’s status. They will wear shoulder protection, but not an entire uniform. A carrier of the object cannot be brought to the ground.

They will be joined at the camp by Cherokee, Pond Creek-Hunter, and Medford, among others. It will be documented for the purpose of evaluation.

He has enjoyed his team’s enthusiasm and attitude.

Overstreet stated, “I’ve been incredibly pleased with our incoming class.” “I am proud of their accomplishments. When they take a few blows to the mandible, we will learn what our new recruits are made of.

Overstreet singled out Remi Stephens, Marcus Tolbert, Anthony Rivera, Robert Ballard, and Christian Morrow for their leadership. He stated that they serve as his eyes and senses when evaluating others.

Overstreet stated, “The children will listen to what they have to say.” They are ensuring that the children arrive on schedule.

Overstreet is not overly concerned about the absence of experience, citing the fact that Jaycob Munholland, who hadn’t played football since eighth grade, performed admirably as the Mustangs’ starting quarterback last autumn.

Overstreet stated, “Success in one sport (Munholland’s success as a baseball player) can be transferred to another.”

The replacement for Munholland is “open for consideration by the committee.”

Nathan Dickson, Austin Mari, Brox Milacek, Ziah Faw Faw, and Cole Frable are among the candidates.

“Everything is up for grabs right now,” said Overstreet. “There are no assured positions. You must strive for it and desire it. We will determine who truly desires it. We are looking for someone to assume charge of the offense.

“We will enter training camp without a starting rotation. We will be looking at a large number of children. No one triumphs during team exercise. Currently, we are determining who can participate.”

It will be difficult to replace Humphries, who rushed for over 3,100 yards last season.

Overstreet stated, “I don’t know if you can replace someone like Caden.” There are large footprints to occupy.

Branson Doyle scored one touchdown on a 42-yard run, while Morrow scored eight touchdowns as a junior. Doyle is considered for the positions of fullback, tight end, linebacker, and cornerback.

Hoy was the best defensive player in District B-7. Overstreet expressed confidence that Stephens and Tolbert, along with fullback-linebacker Ballard, will step up to cover the leadership vacuum. Hoy was Humphries’ primary defender.

Overstreet said that players such as Rivera, Stephens, and Tolbert will make the line more agile and mobile than it was a year ago, despite the loss of Rich, Cody Moody, and Erik Alatorre, who weighed 275 pounds.

Overstreet remarked that Andrew had taken the junior offensive linemen under his protection.

The Mustangs will hoist weights three times per week at 6 a.m. after the team program. Spring practices began at 7:00 a.m.

Overstreet stated, “We’re attempting to make them mentally strong.” “Anyone can rise eventually. Whoever is disciplined enough to rise early and retire earlier will win.”

Overstreet stated that Pioneer has sufficient farm lads who are acclimated to rising at that hour. In addition, the athletes are able to lift before beginning their summer employment.

Overstreet has appreciated the milder weather. The Mustangs enter summer in good health.

While there will be many new players on the roster, the coaching personnel will remain consistent. Overstreet’s assistant, Stetson Broce, is returning for a fourth season. He oversees weight training and serves as the offensive coordinator.

Overstreet said, “I cannot praise him enough.” “He does a good job with the boys.”

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