According to an NCAA survey, many young adults wager on sports 2023

The NCAA found that most 18–22-year-olds bet on sports. Including numerous college students.

Boston-based Opinion Diagnostics performed the online sports betting survey. The firm interviewed 3,527 persons, half of whom were college students and half young adults not in college.

Opinion Diagnostics drew findings from respondents. 58% of respondents gambled. 67% of on-campus college students bet on sports frequently.

41% of college students gambled on their teams. 35% utilized student bookmakers.

Opinion Diagnostics found 30% of respondents would stake $10-20. 6% lost more than $500 betting in a day.

28% would wager on their phones. Most online and in-person bettors prefer live in-game betting.

NCAA Wants to Know How Young Bettors Think

NCAA president Charlie Baker said the study was necessary to understand young bettors.

The president stated that sports betting is becoming more popular in the US, attracting young clients. Baker stressed the need of knowing how sports betting affects youth and sportsmen.

The NCAA aims to also study athletes’ betting habits. The association planned it for October. Since 2003, the organization conducts this poll every four years.

A healthy industry requires understanding how betting impacts youth and student-athletes. Many regulated marketplaces restrict young individuals from promotions because they feel they are prone to gambling risk.

The UK Gambling Commission aims to study gateway items for youth and gambling damage.

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