Android Automotive Vehicles Will Have YouTube 2023

Google is adding YouTube streaming to Android Auto and Android Automotive.

Android Auto displays phone content wirelessly or wiredly. Google’s CarPlay requires the user’s phone.

Android Automotive runs in the car without a phone as the main infotainment.

Here’s what’s coming for each system

Android Auto

Google says roughly 200 million cars will have Android Auto by year’s end. The upgrades are minor, but Android Auto will gain a facelift and compatibility for Zoom and Microsoft Teams with audio via the vehicle display.

Android Automotive

Android Automotive upgrades include Waze for all cars. Waze will include EV-focused features including searching for charging stations by car plug type.

YouTube will be a Google Play Store app. It will start with Polestar automobiles and spread to other cars soon. YouTube may lock while driving but run in park. GameSnacks runs little games on Android Auto. Android Automotive will get this.

Google Assistant smart recommendations for Android Automotive lets drivers swiftly reply to communications.

Android Automotive is becoming more feature-rich, yet it raises questions. With drivers not permitted to use phones or watch movies, how will police and the government monitor this? YouTube may be problematic.

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