Acquisition boosts MESTEC’s recruiting.

One of the UK’s premier cloud-based Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) suppliers had a record year 12 months after Eyelit Inc. purchased it.

As more manufacturing businesses utilize its solutions to develop smarter factories to increase labor efficiency, equipment effectiveness, quality, and compliance, Bracknell-based MESTEC has seen revenues climb by over 40% this year.

The firm employs 26 individuals and plans to hire more this year due to expansion.

The reach of its US parent and its capacity to create fresh North American prospects will drive future expansion.

“We’ve already won our first three pieces of business in this part of the world since the acquisition and that is definitely something we want to build on,” said 2008 MESTEC General Manager Mark Carleton.

Our SaaS-based solution works well for clients with production complexity and compliance needs.

This has helped us create strong customer bases in aerospace and defense, automotive, electronics, food & beverage, and medicine, bringing operational performance gains to Sheffield Forgemasters, Siemens, and Thales.”

“What makes us different is the time we take on the shopfloor to understand all the different processes and labor issues, building up a clear picture of where our technology can make a real difference,” he said.

“This is crucial and gives both parties transparency. We also have the shortest deployment timelines in our business, so our customers may save money and time within weeks or months.

“We build Industry 4.0. IIoT technology can drive the paperless, contemporary factory even in low-automation conditions.

MESTEC Manufacturing Execution Systems improve manpower, procedures, and right-first-time quality.

SaaS removes spreadsheets, paper-based operations, and manual data gathering, enabling advanced planning and scheduling, asset performance management, quality and compliance, production KPIs, inventory control, and labor management.

It may be connected onto current ERP systems for immediate improvements, with subscription-based billing rates to avoid upfront expenditures.

“One of our key strategic initiatives after the acquisition of MESTEC has been the launch of its cloud-based MES platform in the United States,” said Eyelit CEO Jason Adams.

We have invested in a sales, service, and support staff to allow the initial steps on that journey and are thrilled that numerous North American clients are now on board.”

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