Tracy Walker denies gambling in public 2023

Tracy Walker, a safety for the Detroit Lions, denied being one of the players being investigated by the National Football League for violating their wagering policies.

On his social media profile, Walker wrote, “To all the people who think it’s me: I don’t gamble.”

The Athletic reported that a fifth member of the roster was being investigated for a potential violation after four Lions were suspended.

Wide receiver Jameson Williams discussed his suspension and expressed astonishment that he would miss the first six games of the 2023 campaign.

Walker is recovering from an Achilles tendon tear and participated in limited team activities.

Walker is a talented defensive back who values his potential leadership position on this defense; therefore, he would not engage in behaviors that are detrimental to the team.

The previous week, Walker told reporters, “It feels great to be back.” “I cannot conceal my sentiments, do you know? It is a good thing. I am very ecstatic. I actually missed it. It’s difficult to convey. It was great that I was able to spend time with my family at home, but I ultimately dropped the ball. I missed coming out here, being with my colleagues, and leading them.

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