Three Methods for Replacing a Broken Samsung Phone Screen

If you depend on your phone for social media, work, or education, a shattered Samsung phone screen may be disastrous. Options for replacing a screen include insurance claims, do-it-yourself repairs, and cell phone repair services. To assist you in choosing the best course of action, we’ve broken down each alternative with related expenses and included an assessment of whether it makes sense to sell your broken phone rather than attempt to restore it.

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Option 1: $199 to $329 for cell phone repair services

You may get your phone mended over your lunch break since local repair businesses can frequently replace your Samsung screen in less than an hour. Although they take longer, online mail-in repair services might be a smart choice if your local repair shop isn’t qualified.

Depending on your model, the cost to replace a Samsung screen can range from $199 to $329. If your screen breaks within the warranty term, several repair companies provide guarantees that include free or significantly reduced parts and labor.

It’s a good idea to get in touch with a repair firm to find out whether they offer your model if you can’t see it on their website. They don’t always have the newest models on their service listings. Sometimes the repair is too rare for them to stock the necessary parts. In certain cases, the phone isn’t worth fixing since the repair is too complicated or the components are too expensive.

Ask about the shop’s qualifications, expertise, and part quality before committing to a repair center. While some utilize OEM parts, others use aftermarket parts.

Option 2: Make an insurance claim; costs range from $29 to $149.

Phone insurance, if you have it, may be the least expensive choice. If an authorized or mobile repair shop is close by, you can even obtain a screen replacement the same day. If not, you’ll have to mail your phone to be fixed.

Instead of having your phone fixed, certain carrier plans let you request a replacement handset, albeit that choice usually comes at a higher fee. For instance, Verizon insurance costs $29 to replace a screen, but up to $249 for repairs.

Option 3: Replace the damaged screen on your Samsung phone yourself (DIY) for $92 to $240.

Many phone parts providers, such as Repairs Universe, Injured Gadgets, and FixEZ, sell replacement screens for Samsung phones. Certain retailers provide screen replacement kits that include tools; if not, you’ll need to purchase tools separately. The cost of a toolkit is $5.

Depending on your Samsung model, whether you purchase a new or refurbished screen, and whether you want to purchase the screen with or without a frame (which costs around $20 and can facilitate installation), you should budget between $92 and $240 for a replacement screen. Remember that quality differs and that a high-quality screen will usually cost more. Color can also affect price.

Be aware that while aftermarket components are sold by certain providers, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts are sold by others. A few provide both. Here are some hypothetical costs for Samsung replacement screens (including the frame).

How to swap out the screen on your Samsung

WARNING: Replacing a screen can be a challenging repair, particularly if you lack experience. Be advised that attempting to replace your own Samsung screen might result in further damage, invalidate any warranties, and nullify insurance coverage.

Model-specific procedures differ, but in general you’ll need to:

Warm up the back glass.

To take it out of the frame, use a suction cup and pry tool.

Cut out numerous wires and parts.

Warm up the display.

To remove the screen, use a pry tool and suction cup.

Put your phone back together using the new screen.

Is it worthwhile to repair the screen on your Samsung Galaxy phone?

Is it better to sell your broken Galaxy screen or fix it? If you want to update your phone soon, you may want to base your decision on the value of your phone in its damaged state as opposed to its repaired state.

Start by figuring out how much your phone will cost after repairs.

For instance, a Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB on the Verizon network was valued around $155 in good condition as of the time of writing. This is a summary of its net worth following various repair alternatives.