We love to visit all the wonderful locations in Uptown, where we reside just north of Charlotte. Charlotte is a city full of contemporary appeal, a thriving culture, and a long past. Look no further if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip that showcases Charlotte’s modern attractions while exploring the city’s fascinating past. Experience Charlotte to the fullest with a variety of interesting excursions tailored to suit a range of tastes and interests.

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With the Historical City Tour, take a lovely tour of Charlotte’s fascinating sites. Every participant will have a tailored and intimate experience on this small-group tour, guaranteeing they get the most out of it.

Travelers will be driven about in a cozy seven-person golf cart with an experienced local guide, adding to the tour’s allure in an open-air setting.

Visit well-known sites including the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Discovery Place, the Mint Museum, the Imaginon, and the Levine Museum of the New South to learn about Charlotte’s rich past and dynamic present. Explore the historical landmarks of the city to get a deeper understanding of its past, and don’t forget to explore some of the popular and modern neighborhoods that help shape Charlotte’s current character.

This hassle-free package, which provides a thorough rundown of Charlotte’s main attractions, is especially ideal for first-time visitors. Travelers who take part in this trip may unwind and let the knowledgeable guide handle the planning and navigation, enabling them to completely enjoy the sights and tales that come to light along the route.

All history buffs or those just wanting to familiarize themselves with some of Charlotte’s most famous landmarks will find the Historical City Tour to be an interesting and compelling experience.

2. A Historical Segway Tour of Charlotte’s Uptown Neighborhood

Take a Charlotte Segway Tour through the Historic Uptown Neighborhood for an enjoyable, safe, and informative experience. Accompany an informed local guide and see the charming sights and bustling spirit of the Uptown district as you stroll around it with ease.

Among the many things to see on this fascinating trip are the prestigious Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, the well-known Mint Museum, and the culturally significant Gantt Center. Discover the importance and creative treasures housed in these renowned institutions as you ride by them and become fully immersed in Charlotte’s bustling arts district.

You can choose to ride for 1.5 hours or add 30 minutes to your trip to see extra things. By choosing the extended option, you may explore two historic cemeteries, the Old Settlers’ and the Elmwood/Pinewood Cemeteries, exploring the rich history of Charlotte and the legends that surround their grounds. The spectacular home stadium of the Carolina Panthers, the city’s favorite NFL football club, is another sight to behold.

Notable sites like Trade & Tryon (Independence Square) and the Fourth Ward will come into view as you ride your Segway across the city. Enjoy the fanciful atmosphere of The Green, a park honoring famous works of global literature with sculptures and enchanted signposts.

For riders of all skill levels, the Charlotte Historic Uptown Neighborhood Segway Tour offers the perfect balance of fun and knowledge. Enjoy the ease and excitement of seeing the city in these cutting-edge vehicles while learning insightful things from your knowledgeable guide.


With Southern Charm Rides’ Ultimate Southern Charm Historical City Cart Tour, you can take an amazing trip through Charlotte’s fascinating history and culture. Visitors are welcome to board opulent, recently constructed limo golf carts and enjoy the legendary southern charm rides and in-depth historical investigation that have won the company the esteemed Badge of Excellence.

Participants are given access to an abundance of historical and cultural knowledge dating back to the 1700s, all under the guidance of competent interpreters. Guests are engrossed in the intriguing tales that have molded Charlotte’s story, from discovering the roots of the city’s name to learning about legendary events like Elvis Presley performances. With its rich historical heritage, the Fourth Ward area comes to life as visitors travel through centuries of history.

The trip covers a wide range of fascinating subjects, such as gold mining, the arts and culture, and fascinating mysteries that have shaped Charlotte’s past. Discoveries include the renowned “Medicine Man,” the location of the city’s first hospital, the Bootlegger home, and the energetic NODA district. This thorough investigation provides a close-up view of Charlotte’s ancestry.

The tour showcases contemporary sites that define Charlotte’s present character while also paying tribute to the city’s past. The city’s dynamic present is showcased by iconic structures including the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Bank of America Stadium, and Truist Ball Field. Beautiful parks and mouthwatering eateries along the route add to a comprehensive tour experience.


Set out on a captivating shared tour of Charlotte, Queen City, sure to enthrall those new to the area as well as those who have already fallen in love with it. Get aboard a cozy van with a small group of amiable other tourists and go on a guided tour of the city’s interesting areas.

Take in Charlotte’s vibrant sports scene, rich history, and vibrant culture as you stroll around the downtown area of this amazing city. While your informed guide delivers intriguing insights and anecdotes that bring the city to life, you will pass by famous landmarks and must-see locations. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Charlotte’s distinct character by learning about its rich athletic history and cultural diversity.

You’ll probably be hungry by the time you get to the Optimist Food Hall, the last destination on the trip. Enjoy your palate as you peruse the mouthwatering food stalls; maybe you’ll find some mouthwatering NC-style BBQ or other culinary treats.

Enjoy the cool comforts of an air-conditioned van during the trip, which will let you avoid the Southern heat and fully take in Charlotte’s sights and sounds. With the laid-back and sociable vibe of our shared van trip, you may make new friends and experience the thrill of finding Charlotte’s hidden treasures with other tourists.

5. The Queen City Cavern Hunter Hunt

Take part in a Charlotte scavenger hunt to start an exciting and imaginative journey. Participants are taken on an unconventional treasure hunt experience that brings them to carefully chosen places around the city, all under the direction of a live, interactive remote host.

The adventure starts at a picturesque location that the people like, where players get their digital instructions from their host who is remotely located. After that, they went off on their own, investigating a variety of checkpoints while deciphering clues, taking on absurd tasks, and venturing beyond of their comfort zones. This game is great for families with dogs as well as pets, including both indoor and outdoor activities with fun additional challenges thrown in.

By texting images of their progress to their remote host, who offers support and encouragement along the way, participants record their progress. Engaging with the locals heightens the excitement as they work together to solve puzzles and answer the city’s secrets. As participants immerse themselves in the rich culture of this vibrant city, laughter, education, and the excitement of discovering hidden jewels and local secrets are assured.

Every turn will reveal something unexpected, guaranteeing an exciting encounter that keeps participants alert. Everyone may feel totally prepared for the adventure that lies ahead because no prior knowledge is required and the game invites inquiries in advance. This activity suits a broad spectrum of groups, including business teams, visitors, inquisitive locals, bachelorettes, birthdays, families, friend vacations, and other special occasions. There are 300 different city searches to choose from. On request, virtual team builders and specially created experiences are also offered.