The Benefits and Drawbacks of Setting Up Shop in New York City

Being one of the most famous cities in the world, does New York City’s fame come at a cost? For many groups, the high overhead in NYC hasn’t been worth it in recent years. These additional costs are quite important when one of the key factors influencing the total cost of your office premises is location. Some firms have moved to more business-friendly neighborhoods and out of the city as a result.

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Real estate professionals are now compelled by these actions to examine the phenomenon and determine if opening an office in New York City makes financial sense. As tenant representatives, we have direct experience assisting corporate customers in identifying the best locations for their real estate. We have seen that renters are finding new opportunities as a result of the movement away from New York City. Space is slowly opening up, and New York City has continued to be a center of global connection, economics, and culture despite any obstacles that may arise.


The reputation and name of New York City speak for itself. Tenants of a NYC office have several benefits and status. Because of this, it continues to be one of the most sought-after destinations in the nation for both residents and companies.

Let’s examine the benefits of leasing or purchasing commercial real estate in New York City in more detail.

a well-established business hub

One of the most significant cities in the world is impossible to value. For some CFOs, the city’s costs only mirror its robust business and cultural milieu. There’s a reason why New York City has a reputation. It is a worldwide center with features that other cities just cannot match, such as:

access to theater, art, and other cultural resources.
The nation’s most powerful financial player, Wall Street, is located there.
Linkage between the public and private domains
a wealth of secondary education resources and a skilled talent base
prestigious social media
Easy access to public transit

As a result, several businesses continue to have a presence in New York City even when they have constructed satellite offices or headquarters in other states. Being a part of the oldest and most competitive financial institution in the nation is still quite valued. It has invaluable access to the nation’s economic center in addition to a solid reputation.


A city that offers all of the aforementioned benefits will undoubtedly come at a cost, and it does. New York City is not just pricey, but it is also unreliable (particularly for enterprises). So, continue reading before becoming seduced by the city’s glitz and reputation. We will go over the specifics that can make you think twice about moving your company to New York City.

Costly levies and stringent regulations

The business climate in New York City is undoubtedly not as welcoming as it is in other places. Corporate earnings are threatened by a plethora of costly levies and severe punishments.

To sustain its extensive infrastructure and progressive laws, New York City levies some of the highest taxes in the nation:

Income tax in the highest earning bracket: 14.78%

9.25% is the combined sales tax rate for the city, county, and state.

6.5% is the corporate income tax.

Should Your Company Be Based in New York City?

You have to determine whether the advantages of New York City exceed the disadvantages. It may be a great match for the correct organization. The city has excellent connections and a stellar reputation. But as was mentioned, these amenities are not inexpensive.

You have other possibilities if New York City isn’t the right place for you. There are several areas in the nation that are conducive to business. They can provide you a city setting, but at much more affordable prices.

Tenant representatives can assist you in weighing your alternatives, no matter what you select. They can help you identify the greatest houses, locations, and pricing within your budget thanks to their significant market expertise.