Sanor and Kelly win the top prizes at an SFL event 2023

On May 21, the Student Fishing League hosted the High School and Middle School Bass Circuit Qualifier 2 Berlin Lake Tournament.

The tournament was directed by Harry Emmerling, who is the director of the organization. The young fishermen had a limit of three fish in each bag and were fishing for bass that were at least 12 inches long.

The High School Division was won by West Branch’s Cole Sanor, who also had the winning Big Bag with 8.79 pounds. Sanor caught a bass that weighed 3.81 pounds and took home the Big Bass Award for the High School Division.

Rohan Kelly of United walked away victorious in the Middle School Division. The Big Bag Award that Kelly received was 3.82 pounds, and the Big Bass Award he received was 2.65 pounds.

There were a total of 77 children that went fishing, and between them they caught and released 63 fish that weighed a combined 93.34 pounds. Following the conclusion of their competition, the SFL participated in a community service project by removing debris from the boating area.

Top Ten High School

(total weight of catches)

(43 Anglers)

1. Cole Sanor (West Branch) 8.79

2. Peyton Conkle (Crestview) 4.64

3. Carson Peck-Campbell (Beaver Local) 4.27

4. Jackson Eichler (Waterloo) 3.07

5. John Brungard (Springfield) 3.75

6. Brody Thompson (Beaver Local) 3.63

7. Sunny Sanouvong (Akron North) 3.62

8. Daniel Untch (Malvern) 3.50

9. Clay Thompson (Beaver Local) 3.18

10. Michael Druschel (Beaver Local) 2.79

BIG BASS AWARD: Cole Sanor 3.81


(total weight of catches)

(34 Anglers)

1. Rohan Kelly (United) 3.82

2. Nolan Blakely (Norwalk) 3.68

3. Miles Frazier (Columbus) 3.28

4. Jake Anderson (Glen Oak) 2.36

5. Matt Hoopes (United) 2.30

6. Sloan Mcghee 2.12

7. Issac Johnson (Louisville) 1.79

8. Zavier Kinsey (Toronto) 1.77

9. Geno Galfidi 1.61

10. Kylerr Tuersley (Glen Oak) 1.55

BIG BASS: Rohan Kelly 2.65

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