Rajasthan Royals pay my bills so I may play cricket: Yashasvi Jaiswal 2023

Jaiswal stated that after four years in the IPL, he has evolved as a cricketer and a person.

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s breakthrough season in the IPL occurreded in 2023. While he had demonstrated his capability in previous years, this was his finest performance ever.

He completed the tournament as the fifth-highest run scorer with 625 runs in 14 innings, an average of 48, and an outstanding strike rate of 163.61. Due to his performance, he received his first India call-up, first as a substitute for the World Test Championship Final and now for the July 12 start of the Test series against West Indies.

Jaiswal praised Rajasthan Royals for helping him invest wisely.

“For instance, I require a healthy nutrition and a safe residence for my family. I won’t say I don’t spend a lot, because I do, but I don’t waste money on anything superfluous,” Jaiswal said.

“My principal concern is cricket; that is my main concern. I believe I have received a great deal of support from Rajasthan Royals in this matter. They manage my finances, and the franchise instructs me on how to invest my funds,” he added.

Jaiswal added that after four years in the IPL, he has developed not only as a cricketer but also as a person. He stated that he is now an experienced player who strives to make fewer errors and simply wants to concentrate on his game.

The youth described how he has kept his feet firmly planted on the ground. Jaiswal stated that one can play at the U-16 level and still believe there is nothing more to accomplish. It is possible if one also plays U-19 and Ranji. It is simple to abandon oneself, but Jaiswal claims he has never experienced this. “I know I have worked hard, and I know that every run I make is a direct result of that work,” the 21-year-old said.

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