Rahane’s Test Return: Ex-Cricketer “Things Will Be Different Once Shreyas Is Fit” 2023

There have been discussions regarding the selection of Ajinkya Rahane over Shreyas Iyer. Due to his back ailment, the Kolkata Knight Riders captain was unable to be selected.

After an absence of 18 months, Ajinkya Rahane will play his first Test match on June 7, 2023, against Australia at The Oval in the World Test Championship Final.

The player made a significant switch from the T20 format to the 5-day format and stated that he will “keep it simple” in London, where he hopes to continue his IPL form.

After losing to South Africa in 2022, it was a difficult decision for India’s administration to remove Rahane from the Test squad. Nonetheless, the player returned to the Test squad after delivering outstanding performances in domestic cricket and the recently concluded IPL 2023.

The 82-Test veteran from India was forced to wait a year before making his comeback. Ajinkya Rahane earned a place on the national team by scoring runs in the Ranji Trophy and the IPL 2023, where he helped Chennai Super Kings win their fifth championship at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Sarandeep Singh, who was a member of the selection committee during Rahane’s remarkable recovery in Australia, endorses Rahane’s continued participation in the team.

Singh discusses Rahane’s accomplishments in England and Australia, his recent performance in the IPL, and the significance of utilizing his experience.

What did Sharandeep Singh say about Ajinkya Rahane?

“If you are treating other seniors who have not performed well and giving them a chance, I would appreciate it. After his performance in domestic cricket, Rahane has now been given an opportunity. If he performs well in England, we should continue to support him. Singh, Sarandeep stated.

Sarandeep Singh has endorsed Ajinkya, stating that the player has been performing well recently and that he will maintain his position at number five if he remains consistent. The player’s batting technique in the IPL 2023 was praised.

“When Shreyas is fit, things will be different, but right now Rahane is the best option (at number five),” said Sarandeep.

He stated that if Shreyas Iyer had been healthy, he likely would not have been recalled, but Rahane’s return was due to both his performance and good fortune.

The clock will be ticking for Rahane when he enters the Oval batting order, as Iyer has already proven himself in the middle order. The selector stated that if Shreyas had been healthy, things would have been different, but he is confident that the players he has chosen are the finest for the WTC Final 2023 team.

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