MS Dhoni’s knee injury: CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan 2023

MS Dhoni guided Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to their sixth IPL triumph despite major knee ailments. CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan said MS Dhoni struggled with knee ailments but never complained or missed a match in the IPL 2023.

MS Dhoni wore kneecaps during the Chennai “lap of honor” during the IPL 2023. The former Team India captain had knee surgery last month.

CSK CEO: “Never asked MS Dhoni was fit to play.”

Kasi Viswanathan stated that they never questioned MS Dhoni if he was fit to participate in the IPL 2023 since they knew he would let them know. The CSK CEO is recovering from knee surgery and is pleased.

“We never asked him ‘Do you want to play or sit out?'” “He would’ve told us if he couldn’t,” Viswanathan told ESPNcricinfo.

“We knew he struggled to play, but his devotion to the squad, his leadership, and how the team benefits everyone knows. “From that perspective, you have to appreciate him,” he remarked.

He never mentioned his knee until the final. Though everyone knew, he never complained. ‘Okay, I’ll get surgery’, he stated after the final. “He’s happy, he’s recovering,” Viswanathan said.

Dhoni rejects retirement.

In the post-match conference, MS Dhoni surprised supporters by saying he will work hard and play one more season if his body allowed. The CSK captain will begin training shortly for the 2019 IPL season.

“Actually, he told us immediately after the final is over he’ll fly to Mumbai, have surgery, and go back to Ranchi for rehab,” Viswanathan added.

After Ruturaj’s June 4 wedding, I visited him in Mumbai. Courtesy call. He’s relaxed. He’ll rest for three weeks before rehabbing. He won’t play till January–February. “We don’t need to remind him about all that,” Viswanathan added.

“He understands what to do and how to accomplish it, so we won’t ask him ‘what are you going to do, how’ etc. He’ll tell us himself. He’ll phone first and tell just Mr. N Srinivasan what he’s doing. He’ll be honest. He’ll reveal his actions. since 2008. “That’ll continue,” the CSK CEO remarked.

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