Jordi Alba and Barcelona debate his future 2023

According to reports, Joan Laporta and Jordi Alba have had a conversation about Jordi Alba’s potential future with Barcelona. When it comes to salaries and expectations for the coming year, both parties have a lot to discuss with one another before moving on to the next round of negotiations.

It was said that the discussion went on for more than three hours and that topics such as compensation expectations and postponed payments were discussed.

There is still one year remaining on Alba’s contract as of right now; but, given his current wage, the Barca side does not have a strong desire for things to continue in their current configuration.

According to the sources, this indicates that Barcelona has suggested a wage cut of sixty percent as well as a payment plan that is delayed by two years.

Since it does not appear like Alba has any interest in moving to Saudi Arabia or anyplace else, I would expect the player to be willing to make some adjustments to his compensation in order to make everything work out. Even yet, given that the meeting lasted for three hours, there was bound to be some tension.

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