Father-daughter fuel Kalo Kustom Garage 2023

Kalo Kustoms Garage co-owner Tom Krough is lucky.

His daughter Hannah Krough joins him at the business every day. She co-owns.

“Perfect,” Tom Krough remarked. “We always agree.”

“We only butt heads when I think of how something should be done,” Hannah Krough remarked. “He lets me fail.”

Tom Krough calls the firm a “hot rod repair shop” among other things. They undertake bespoke work, restorations, and often aid those who got stuck on automotive projects.

“We’ll help you over your project’s hump,” he stated. “When you don’t want to. We’ll answer.”

Krough tunes old engines.

We fix, he said. “Many shops don’t understand points.”

Automotive body repair graduate Hannah Krough attended Iowa Central Community College. Her abilities would be best used working with her dad. Tom Krough has spent his career and leisure time fixing, constructing, and creating.

“I’ve always solved problems,” he remarked.

“The textbook taught me,” she said. “Dad taught me.”

The shop has a nice museum, man cave, and retail vibe. Old oil cans, automotive parts, tools, and other items only automobile people can recognise are on shelves along the walls.

Krough sometimes sells items to visitors.

He suggested tagging everything. With oil prices, an old can is worth $5.

They like talking to customers and friends at the business.

“We meet many interesting people,” he remarked. “Car people talk well.”

Krough wants to build consumers a driveable personalized car. To make antique automobiles drive better, it sometimes requires adding disc brakes.

“We make drivers,” she remarked. “Use them. He wants to own the automobile, not be owned by it.

Customers are invited to aid the Kroughs. That gives the owner a sense of sweat equity and engagement that customers love.

“We love it too,”

Krough works on personal automobile projects when not working for customers.

No Mustangs or Camaros. They like odd.

“We collect unique cars,” she remarked.

“It’s often not heard of,” he continued.

Their 1948 Crosley “A Fine Car” was saved, mechanically rebuilt, and given a new interior. The exterior was left rusted and paintless. It’s distinctive.

He stated Gambles Hardware Stores sold them. “They fit through doors.”

Innovative Crosley. The little engine has a rare overhead cam. Gas miser. Krough estimated 50 mpg. However, it can only be driven 35–40 mph.

“The manual warns you not to go 50 miles per hour for a long time,” she continued.

Kalo Kustoms Garage, 2490 Hilltop Drive, 515-269-3813.

Clifford, one of numerous business dogs, welcomes customers.

Tom Krough called him the huge red dog.

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