e-Sprinto partners with credit providers to make E2W financing easier 2023

e-Sprinto offers personalized financing programs, low-interest rates, flexible payback alternatives, and faster application processes.

e-Sprinto, a burgeoning electric two-wheeler business, has teamed with Shriram, HDB, Kotak, and Bajaj Finserv to provide its clients with inexpensive financing alternatives for eco-friendly and efficient commuting.

e-Sprinto aggressively seeks new partnerships to expand its reach and offer more financing options for high-quality electric 2-wheelers.

These collaborations provide e-Sprinto consumers with personalized financing programs, low-interest rates, flexible payback alternatives, and expedited application processes.

To assist clients finance E2Ws, e-Sprinto partners with financing firms.

The announcement stated that these financing programs would cover both low-speed and high-speed electric 2-wheeler models, allowing clients to experience sustainable and affordable transportation.

“At e-Sprinto, we acknowledge that the shift towards electric 2-wheelers represents more than just a mere choice, but a critical obligation to safeguard our planet,” stated co-founder and director Atul Gupta.

Our partnership with renowned financial providers allows our clients to easily and affordably finance eco-friendly transportation.

As we see a future where electric mobility reigns supreme, we take delight in leading this shift, driving a cleaner and more efficient transportation environment in India and beyond.”

e-Sprinto is enthusiastic about automotive innovation and sustainability. We are convinced that by partnering with famous financial organizations and expanding our reach, we can provide our consumers unmatched financing alternatives and realize our vision.” Gupta added.

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