Chess has taught me patience when playing cricket 2023

Yuzvendra Chahal, an India leg-spinner, thinks competitive chess has helped him stay patient in his cricket career.

In the Global Chess League, Chahal is SG Alpine Warriors’ ambassador.

Chess taught me patience and gave me my first jerseys. “And that helps me in my cricket because sometimes you may bowl well but not get a wicket, and then patience is really needed,” Chahal said in a Monday news release.

Chahal, a chess enthusiast, said both sports require planning.

Cricket is more aggressive than chess.

“In bowling, I can say anything to the batter, but in chess, you must keep cool and concentrated. “And it will help you in your life,” the Indian batsman stated on the sidelines of the Global Chess League.

The 32-year-old Chahal believes the Global Chess League provides a boost for the sport.

The Global Chess League is the IPL of chess. Compared to the IPL, this competition is new. It’s a terrific idea to teach people about chess and the league.

The new mixed team format is great too. I’m waiting 10-15 years to see new players and discuss the Global Chess League. That stage will make me happy.”

Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand have lauded the tournament.

The first Global Chess League began on June 21 and ended on July 2.

Chess requires calmness.

Chahal stated two Indian cricketers will travel and play chess.

“Nobody beats me in the Indian team [laughs]. I sometimes play with R Ashwin and Shanker Basu, our trainer. We played a lot throughout planes and trips.

“I play chess sometimes during the journey before a game as it helps me calm,” said Chahal, who occasionally plays online. I play chess during flights.

“Chess is growing now, and it has been two decades since I connected with the sport like this, and this [chess] is my first love,” he said.

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