Why We Love Karaoke

We’re very sure you enjoy karaoke as much as we do, or at the very least, we adore it! Read More: karaoke in LA What makes us adore it so much? You might not have given much thought to why you enjoy karaoke. It’s just something you genuinely enjoy, nothing more. Or perhaps you have

The Earliest Neanderthal Engravings Were Stored for 57,000 Years in a Cave

Paleolithic people stood before the cave wall, its chalky, smooth rock appealing like a blank canvas, more than 57,000 years ago. Their motives and ideas will always remain unknown. But these imaginative cave-dwellers purposefully created long-lasting lines and dots that would stay concealed beneath the French countryside for tens of thousands of years by running

Which character from Detective Conan are you?

Detective Conan (Case Closed) Detective Conan is a Gosho Aoyama-written and -illustrated detective manga series from Japan. Since January 1994, it has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday, a shōnen manga magazine published by Shogakukan. As of September 2022, its episodes have been collected into 102 tankōbon volumes. The English-language editions of Detective Conan from

Musical Nostalgia: The Psychology And Neuroscience For Track Choice And The Reminiscence Bump

Despite no obvious organic advantages, humans love music. Neuroimaging studies highlight similarities between how the brain’s reward circuits course of music and different rewards like food, money, and alcohol. Yet neuroimaging studies are correlational by nature. I love love love music and I imagine that people can get to know somebody by listening to the