‘Are umpires blind?’: Ex-Pakistan cricketer accuses Australia of ball tampering against Kohli and Pujara with ‘proof’ 2023

Pat Cummins and his team have been hit hard by strong ball-tampering allegations by a former Pakistan cricketer, who claims the Aussies’made the ball’ near the 15th over and used it to dismiss two of India’s top batters, Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara.

Former batter Basit Ali is shocked that no one noticed Australia’s tactics at The Oval, including officials, commentators, and Indian batters, after Cameron Green and Mitchell Starc dismissed Pujara and Kohli in quick succession.

First, I applaud the commentators and umpires. No one is mentioning Australia’s ball play. No batter asks “What’s happening?” Batter bowling is the most common example. I’ll provide proof. The ball returned to Steve Smith till Shami bowled in the 54th over. Not reverse-swing. “Reverse swing is when the shine is inside and the ball comes back in,” Ali remarked on YouTube.

Former Pakistan cricketer Basit Ali strongly accused Australia of ball-tampering in the WTC final against India.

He noted that Kohli and Pujara were dismissed in overs 16–18, indicating ball tampering. The out-of-shape ball was replaced by umpire Richard Kettleborough in the 18th over. Ali thinks Australia started to win when the box of replacements arrived and the new ball was taken. India went from 30/2 to 71/4.

“Look at the 16th, 17th, and 18th over, the ball on which Virat Kohli was out… look at the shine. Mitchell Starc held the ball with the shiny end facing out, but it moved the opposite way. Jadeja struck the on-side ball over point. Umpires blind? “God knows who’s sitting there who can’t see such a simple thing,” Ali said.

Pujara was bowled when shouldering arms to a straight delivery, while Kohli was out bowled by a wicked bounder from left-armer Starc returning for his second stint. Ali explained how the two balls work, saying the Dukes cannot reverse-swing before 40 overs.

“Green bowled with the shine facing Pujara and the ball soared back in? My surprise. Can’t they notice BCCI’s huge board? You’re not focused on cricket. They’re just delighted India made the final. Do Dukes balls reverse swing in 15-20 overs? “I know Kookaburra balls can reverse, but Dukes balls last at least 40 overs,” Ali added.

After the 2018’sandpaper gate’ scandal in which David Warner, Steve Smith, and Cameron Bancroft were found guilty of roughing up one side of the ball to make it swing against South Africa in Cape Town, ball tampering is a sensitive topic in Australian cricket. Warner and Smith were banned for 12 months, while Bancroft was suspended for nine months.

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