An auction sheet: what is it?

When evaluating a used automobile for purchase, auction documents are frequently the first point of scrutiny and are an essential component of buying used cars from Japan. They include a thorough summary of the condition and history along with fundamental details like… and are created by qualified inspectors who work for the auction company.

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Number of the chassis

Date of the vehicle’s initial registration in Japan

History of crash repairs

The severity of any dents or scrapes on the car.

corrosion or rust on the car.

interior state

Any gearbox issues or engine noise?

spills of oil

If the car has received fresh paint

The car will be assigned a “Grade” for both the exterior and inside, totaling a grade once the auction company has examined it. The auction grades are shown below.

While auction papers might provide valuable insights, relying only on them is quite precarious. To guarantee that our clients receive the highest caliber automobiles, our staff in Japan inspects each car in person.


Specifics of the Auction Grade

S less than 10,000 kilometers and less than a year after the initial registration date. identical to new. Both the outside and the inside are in flawless shape.

Six less than 30,000 kilometers and less than 36 months from the date of first registration.A extremely late model that is nearly brand new.

5. The vehicle has less than 50,000 kilometers on it. There can be a few little dings and scratches on the outside. an extremely challenging grade to achieve. Very minor blemishes, near excellent condition.

4.5 The vehicle has less than 100,000 miles on it. Once more, a very high rating. The vehicle’s bodywork may have a few very minor flaws, but substantial repairs won’t be required.

4 The vehicle has less than 150,000 kilometers on it. There can be minor dings and scratches on the outside. The condition of the automobile is above average. No past history of crashes. Might need a little amount of repairs.

3.5 There are a few apparent significant dings or scratches on the outside. They could need some light cosmetic surgery or painting. For the year and mileage, the car is in average shape.

3 There are several obvious major dents, paint flaws, and/or scratches on the outside. probably call for painting and/or bodywork.

2 The automobile is in extremely bad overall shape and is best avoided as there is typically significant corrosion.

RA The vehicle has been repaired after suffering accident damage that is classified as MINOR.

R The vehicle has been repaired after an accident. A automobile with accident damage to any of the following area(s) is defined as “A car which has had accident damage” in the auction definition. Lower Tie Bar or Frame, Roof Panel, Trunk Floor Pane, Floor Pan, Center Pillar (B Pillar), Rear Pillar (C Pillar), Windshield Pillar (A Pillar), and Strut Housing.

*** The vehicle has significant collision damage that hasn’t been fixed yet. or a vehicle with a significant engine problem that renders the engine unusable.

Interior Design Detail

A Repairs are not required. brand-new or almost brand-new.

B It is not required to do minor repairs. really tidy inside.

C Repairs are required and may include the following: The dashboard may have minor tears, burn scars from cigarettes, worn patches, exposed screw holes, warping, or the inside may require cleaning.

D Significant repairs are required and may include the following: The inside is filthy or missing components, the dashboard is severely warped, and there are several burn scars from cigarettes. Even after cleaning, certain areas will still be unclean. Work is required.

E Significant repairs are required and may include the following: There are large rips in the dashboard. The interior has several large rips and is quite filthy. The insides are plowed under. There’s a horrible scent inside.

Abbreviations for auction sheets:

Air conditioning unit (AC)

FA/AT Transmission automatically

F5 Manual Transmission (5-Speed)

PS Steering

SR Sunroof

AW Original alloy wheel

Navigator NAVI

Climate control air conditioner with AAC

Automatic transmission in the CA Column

Six-speed manual transmission F6

PW Power windows

TV Set

KAWA Leather chairs

Airbag by AIRBAGU

Legend of the Diagram

U1 A thumb-sized hole in the tooth.

U2 A pocket the size of a palm.

U3 Big Dent.

Y1 Minor fracture.

Y2 Medium crack.

Y3 Big fissure.

W1 a good-looking panel that has undergone minor repairs.

W2 A gently waved panel that has undergone minor repairs.

W3 a panel with a noticeable wave that has been somewhat fixed.

S1 Tiny bit of rust; typically appears as rusty spiderwebs or stonechips.

S2 Greater area of rust.

C1 Minimal rusting found.

C2 Extended corrosion area.

X A panel requires replacement.

XX A panel that has been changed out.