After Celtics’ Heat loss, brutal Boston sports statistic goes viral 2023

Typically, Boston sports supporters experience greater success from their teams than the average fan, but they have recently endured a great deal of disappointment.

With a 57-25 record, the Celtics earned the No. 2 berth in the Eastern Conference this season. They defeated the Atlanta Hawks in six games in the first round and the Philadelphia 76ers in seven games in the second round before rallying to force a Game 7 against the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Celtics, however, lost Game 7 at home by a score of 103-84 despite building up their supporters’ expectations.

Boston fans were all too acquainted with this story this year.

In addition to holding the top berth in the Eastern Conference, the Boston Bruins had the greatest regular season record in NHL history. They lost a 3-1 series advantage against the Florida Panthers in the first round. They hosted Game 7 against the Panthers, led 3-2 in the final minute, but ultimately fell in overtime.

This is the first time that Boston has lost a Game 7 at home to a No. 8 seed in both hockey and basketball in the same season.

That is cruel. There is no avoiding it.

After completing the greatest NHL regular season ever, the Bruins’ season concluded in a somber manner. The Celtics’ 0-3 deficit against Miami was a major disappointment. Then they gave their fans optimism, only to not show up for Game 7 in front of their supporters.

That will be challenging for Boston’s sports enthusiasts to overcome.

At least the Red Sox and Patriots exist?

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