9 inexpensive wintertime family-friendly Forest activities

This year, most of us will be living on a tighter budget and pulling strings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some amazing adventures. Continue reading to find some inexpensive wintertime family activities.

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1. Visit a nearby woodland to capture some snowy photos.

In the winter, the forest is a lovely place to be. The crackling of leaves underfoot, the shimmering layer of frost, and the distinct aroma of winter permeating the atmosphere. Capture images of a hot cocoa cup that’s steaming, frost-covered tree branches, red berries, and robins. Your smartphone and an acute sense of photography are all you need—the kids can participate too! As soon as you arrive home, gather around a blanket and select your family’s best photos.

2. Honor the 25th birthday of The Gruffalo

Put on your waterproofs and wellies to partake in the celebration on our recently launched interactive family path.

Including a variety of games and activities with a party theme, as well as interesting information about the Gruffalo and other creatures’ lives in the forest. Visit your local forest to purchase an activity bundle for £4.

3. Relax on a path for well-being

Take a thoughtful walk among the trees on a wellness path to get away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas and encourage yourself to unwind. Adhere to the themed panels that invite you to stop, observe, and establish a connection with the surrounding forest environment. Whether you’re at home or in the forest, download a forest wellness diary to make the most of the experience.

4. Take up Forest Riding

Why not jump on your bikes and ride to adventure with our Forest Rider packs? The cold winter weather shouldn’t keep us indoors and inactive! We challenge you to log five cycles and see what you can find while you explore the forest. You’ll get tips and techniques to improve your cycling abilities as well as a diary to chart your progress. In addition, there are games, enjoyable activities, stickers, and safety riding advice. Packs cost only £5 (£1.50 for packing and delivery when purchased online).

5. Get your free winter activity papers for Gruffalo Spotters.

You may still go outside and learn about nature throughout the winter. Take advantage of a cold day in the forest or at home by downloading your complimentary activities!

6. Go on a brief treasure search

Take your kids on a small-scale treasure hunt where they must search the forest for items that start with the letters W, I, N, T, E, and R! What riches of nature are waiting for you in the forest? There are countless options.

7. Prepare some delicious pastries for a picnic in the forest.

Why not pick up the picnic basket and walk out for a picnic in the forest after spending a few hours together baking? Remember to bring along a flask of hot tea, some extra clothing, and a blanket to sit on!

8. Take a digital vacation

Download a handful of our downloadable activities to inspire the kids to go on a digital detox if cutting back on screen time is one of your new year’s intentions. Select from an amazing forest word search, coloring pages with a forest theme, Tree-Trumps, and much more! These activities will help your family create a lasting and intimate relationship with forests, regardless of age or ability. We aim to encourage every generation to do exactly that.

9. Give the youngsters a hot chocolate drink that is boiling.

Take the kids to your neighborhood woodland café and treat them to a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream! They can burn off some steam on a stroll in the forest while you’re there, and it’s a straightforward, inexpensive pleasure.